Long Term Care and Disability Income

Long Term Care Insurance

However, there is a risk to those assets you must consider:

“Does the need for long term care present a potential financial risk, and if so, what action should be taken to prepare for that risk?”

We can help you analyze this risk and help you sort out the many alternatives and choices in long term care insurance that you can use to protect your retirement assets from this possible risk.

You have spent your lifetime working and accumulating assets.  Some of those assets will be used to fund your retirement years.  You will be making decisions about the best way to use those assets and how they should be structured to provide the highest and longest lasting income.

Disability Income

Many people believe that their biggest asset is their home.  For most of us, out biggest asset is the ability to work and earn an income.  Not being able to work – due to a job loss or disability taking away our ability to work – is often financially devastating.

Everyone who works for a living is very familiar with what can happen in they are fired or laid off.  On the other hand, the possibility of becoming seriously disabled is a risk few people seem to think much about.

How likely is it that you will become disabled?
According to one study, 30% of all Americans between the ages of 35 and 65 suffered a disability lasting at least 90 days.

The risk of disability is real.  The question is “What do you do about it?”

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